My wife Cindy and I lived in California for over 30 years and had been very active in our church during those years. At the age of 55 I began to consider God’s call. I approached Cindy with the idea of one more adventure in our lives before we got old - going into full time ministry. She said she wanted to think about it, and later that day, called and said she was in, so our adventure began.

We sold our home, concluded our business dealings, and bid farewell to our adult children, friends and life in California and moved to Columbus, Ohio. From Columbus I commuted down to Cincinnati Christian University for my schooling, and after two years graduated. At that time I felt God was calling me to the Phoenix area to pastor, so we moved again.

After arriving in Phoenix all my potential leads for pastor-ship became vapor and, like vapor, disappeared. I began to wait on God to give me His direction. As I waited I began an in depth study of the Bible and after two years completed my own commentary. It is interesting to note, in November of 2012, as I completed the last book of my commentary, Acts, I received the call to pastor Spur Cross Cowboy Church.

Spur Cross Cowboy Church, located just north of Phoenix, sat on the cusp of an area that is rapidly changing from a country to an urban lifestyle. Some in the congregation longed for the cowboy lifestyle. As a result, my church has recently gone through a major change. As of the first of the year Spur Cross closed and we became a new church, North Valley Christian Church, meeting in a new location.

It has now been eight years since Cindy and I decided to strike out for God on the road of faith. It has been an exhilarating and challenging experience for God has kept us, grown us, shown us, honed us and loved us in amazing ways. I thank our God every day for the opportunity to be His man, and pray He finds me to be His good servant.

Kirby Moses
Pastor, North Valley Christian Church
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