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Thinking About NVCC 5/31/2015

Posted by North Valley Christian Church on May 31, 2015 at 11:30 AM


Henri Nouwen was a trapeze artist and wrote, “As the flyer is swinging high above the crowd, the moment comes when he lets go of the trapeze, when he arcs out into the air. For that moment, which feels like an eternity, the flyer is suspended in nothingness. It is too late to reach back for the trapeze. There is no going back. However, it is too soon to be grasped by the one who will catch him. He cannot accelerate the catch. In that moment, his job is to be as still and motionless as he can. The flyer must never try to catch the catcher. He must wait in absolute trust. The catcher will catch him. But he must wait. His job is not to flail about in anxiety. In fact, if he does, it could kill him. His job is to be still. To wait. And to wait is the hardest work of all”

I thought how well his words describe the Christian life. A person hears God’s call and lets go of their life, and for a moment there is the feeling of vulnerability. The question is, will you trust that God’s hand will catch you?



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